Finding the Right Company to Design a Top-Quality Website at a Price You Can Afford


So you need a competent and experienced company to design a website for you. The task can be daunting to say the least, especially when you begin researching all of the components that make for an effective and beautiful website. Not to mention, the wide range of pricing associated with outsourcing your project and the number of website design companies available to you can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve put much thought into it, the look and feel of your website must match your company’s brand promise and identity. Consistency can’t be stressed enough. You could pay for a $500 website, but rest assured, you will get what you pay for in that scenario. It is well worth the research to find a company that you have confidence in to help you reach your goals on your web design quest.




At Jungbauer Design Studio, we live to build success stories. We center our focus around a few key areas in web design to provide you with a website that accurately reflects your values, your culture, your product and your service:

  • Listening to you – your needs, your wants and your goals – in a free consultation
  • Issuing a proposal based on your needs and only the services you need for your web design
  • Conducting a good deal of research into your industry
  • Researching your competitors’ websites’ functionality and website design
  • Establishing content, mood boards, functionality and wireframing
  • Working together with you on deployment and training
  • Discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to get you ranking above your competitor’s websites

Effective and beautiful web design that’ll make you look like a genius


Look like a genius


When tasked with the creation of website design for your company, whether it’s for your own company or for the company you’re employed with, the end result should be the same. You should have a clear representation of your company that delivers a useful and enjoyable online experience for visitors and employees alike, because a website is exactly that – a representative of your company on the world wide web. Effective web design services will encompass the following: garnering a thorough understanding of your company’s values, culture and goals, due diligence on your competitor landscape, information architecture, user interface, user experience, functionality, security and an estimated timetable for milestones and deployment.

When contacting web design firms, ask them about their process from start to finish. Having a website designed for your business is a big investment and should be treated as such. Be sure the companies you are researching don’t have any negative PR associated with them. Check into reviews and even ask for referrals from previous clients.

Basic web design services every company should offer


Source Code showing web design services


In your conversations with potential web design companies, ask for a list of services included in their offering. Following is a high-level overview of basic components that should always be included for web design services:


Proposals serve as an offering of service, with associated costs. Proposals on web design services usually include timeframes for the proposed services.


Whether you are preparing the written content, having it outsourced or depending on your web design company to produce the copy, this stage should be created first. The only way to begin structuring the delivery of your content is by knowing what you have from the beginning.

Mood Board

Mood boards act as style guides. This is established early on and is used to keep the company brand at the center of the design. The mood board will include images, colors, font selections, and graphics and provide the web designer with all of the information they need to stick to the approved theme.


Wireframes are like blueprints for your website. Any web design company worth their salt will provide you with interactive wireframes to establish how the information will be structured and how the website will function. This allows both the web design firm and the company to understand what the user experience will be like and if any changes should be made.


The development and testing phase includes responsive design and security considerations, as well as an overall evaluation against specified requirements, site performance, cross-browser compatibility and reliability.

Training & Launch

The level of training for training sessions will be determined by the complexity of the site and the knowledge base of the people administering the site. Once training is complete, you’re ready to go live.


Why does all of this matter?


Hand-drawn light bulb concepting for website design and development


There are so many web design companies out there to choose from. If you don’t do your research, more likely than not, you’ll end up with a product that is subpar on design or lacking in best practices and causing you to get penalized by search engines. Creating a website is a big project with many, many moving parts. If one part is broken, it’s likely affecting a number of other areas as well. When this happens, you’ll have to find another company to fix the issues – if you’re even aware of them. A good piece of advice rings true with web design – do it right the first time. Everyone will be better off in the long run and you’ll save yourself a number of headaches and a good deal of money.

Jungbauer Design Studio offers high-quality web design and development services that exceed that of our competitors. We have a process-oriented and highly professional workflow that you won’t find anywhere else. Get in touch with us today to get started on your new website, or to start increasing the value of your existing website. Either way, we know you’ll be surprised at the level of professionalism and quality you get from working with us. We look forward to working with you!

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