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About Jungbauer Design Studio
About Jungbauer Design Studio


Our differences are a gift, not a threat.

Most of my family emigrated from Germany and Austria in the late 1800s/early 1900s bringing their personal belongings, German stoicism and solid family values. We’ve had everything from business owners to elevator operators, nurses to teachers and several who enlisted in military services. In my family, it didn’t matter what you did – everyone was free to do what they wished, as long as they lived with integrity, worked hard and were good to people.

Take my Great-Uncle Speed for example, an impressive craftsman who owned a business building and selling various types of machinery. He crafted a beautiful grandmother clock with his own two hands and drove it (strapped to the top of his car) from Minnesota to Illinois to gift to his sister (my grandmother – Juliana Jungbauer).

They survived the Great Depression, wasted nothing, learned to thrive in the land of opportunity and passed down the importance of living with humility, gratitude and honor.

Jungbauer Design Studio provides an environment where people can flourish and reach new heights. We encourage each other to push boundaries. We are ambitious people who share in the wealth that comes from practicing higher moral values and appreciating the unique qualities in people. Too often people get caught up in the belief that everyone should think the same. Our differences are a gift - not a threat. In my family it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it with passion, work hard and are good to everyone.





Bringing Ideas to Life

Our purpose is to do what we do best – to bring ideas to life, to design and be creative in an atmosphere of respect, admiration and good cheer.

Understanding and overcoming challenges is a big part of the design process. Being a creative is more than just the arrangement of color, shapes and words. Mastering the art and skill of communicating our customer's offering to their marketplace involves research, planning, problem solving, project management and the ability to push beyond mainstream thought. It involves the cultivatation of artistic talent and expert knowledge of design through various types of media and a mulititude of design applications and software.

We needed a space where integrity, respect and progress could co-exist and creativity is celebrated and cultivated. Fostering the right environment allows creatives to come together to consistently manifest extraordinary ideas.

It just so happens that what we love to do as individuals - our very purpose for living - is integral in helping other people and businesses thrive. And for that reason, we consider ourselves the luckiest people on the planet.

We've got big ideas for you. Let's not waste any more time. Get in touch with us today to raise the bar on your communications.

Think Big


About Jungbauer Design Studio





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