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Graphic Design Services at Jungbauer Design Studio
Graphic Design Services at Jungbauer Design Studio Graphic Design Services at Jungbauer Design Studio

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Our custom design services provide you with everything you need to communicate your brand identity and offering with one-of-a-kind style and consistency. Here are some examples of things we can do for you:


We take the chaos out of the creative process by first establishing your goals and objectives. We produce a creative brief, which explains in detail what you are looking to accomplish, your target audience and project challenges parameters.

Once we establish and agree upon the facts and everyone is on the same page, the creative process is streamlined. We keep in constant communication with you along the way to make sure you’re happy with the creative direction. This is how it works:

1st Step


We have an open dialogue about what you’re looking to accomplish. We identify your needs and offer various options for you to consider.

2nd Step


Establishing the target audience, key takeaways and how the message will be conveyed allows us to define creative parameters and direction.

3rd Step


Design concepts are mocked up for your review and finalized according to feedback. The final products are delivered as agreed upon.

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Graphic Design at Jungbauer Design Studio
Graphic Design at Jungbauer Design Studio

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