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Develop a useful and enjoyable interactive online experience for your visitors and employees.

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We've developed a simple, process-oriented workflow to keep your project on track to help you meet your objectives.

1st Step


We have a sit-down with your team to understand your company, your history, your products and/or services and your goals. Following, we submit a proposal of schedule of services and project cost.

2nd Step


Effective information architecture and qualtiy content that visitors want to consume result in higher rankings and promote lead generation for your business. This is a critical phase that drives the rest of the process.

3rd Step


Page layout prototypes are produced combining elements such as content, navigation and interface design to ensure information is displayed (and accessible) as intended to optimize user experience.

4th Step


A visual illustration, or a pallette, is created to display font and color selection, images and other graphic elements. A mood board allows for creative freedom, but serves to maintain brand identity and consistency.

5th Step


The development and testing phase includes responsive design and security considerations, as well as an overall evaluation against specified requirements, site performance and reliability.

6th Step


The level of training for training sessions will be determined by the complexity of the site and the knowledge base of the people administering the site. Once training is complete, you’re ready to go live.

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Web Design at Jungbauer Design Studio
Web Design at Jungbauer Design Studio

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