Your brand is the heart and soul of your company.


Branding your company doesn’t need to be a difficult, all-consuming or an outrageously priced ordeal. We break our brand process down into manageable pieces and help you understand exactly how branding and marketing work together. Therefore, with the knowledge we arm you with, you will know whether your marketing is on point at all times. Following is some information we’ve put together for you on branding your company.


First and foremost, your brand is the marketplace perception of your company – it’s how you are identified and experienced. That is to say, who you are, why you are unique, what you are known for, how your customers experience your products and service is what makes up your brand. Above all, keep this top of mind when branding your company.


As a result, a company’s brand should be at the center of every single communication and this is the key ingredient to maintaining consistency.  Therefore, consistency is a critical component to successfully branding your company.


Unfortunately, many marketing professionals, let alone business owners, miss this point entirely. Branding your company and marketing can be a daunting process – for anyone. So simplifying the brand process by breaking down each aspect into manageable and organized pieces, helps keep everyone hyper-focused on your brand and your brand message. Most importantly, your brand message needs to be at the heart of every single communication.


This is our specialty. Helping companies find their target audience and accentuating their unique qualities is what we do best.


We branding your company, follow these three main aspects of branding:

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Brand Experience for branding your company


For exampleBrand Strategy


Brand strategy is the process of identifying and learning about your target market and establishing a way of communicating with them. We take a close look at your competitors to differentiate you from them. This knowledge  is important when it comes to branding your company, because it provides you with a thorough understanding of who you are selling to and communicating with. From here, a clear strategy can be established. Finally, we help build your brand through marketing channels that will reach your targeted customers.


Brand Design


Having the knowledge of who you are targeting will provide you with a good idea of how to communicate with them.  Your brand identity elements are visual cues that will help your target audience identify with you and your product. Brand identity elements include your logo and logo mark, color palette, font selection and patterns. Additional identity elements include: iconography, tone-of-voice, imagery and graphics. In the interest of consistency, these elements will be established and clearly stated in your company styleguide in the process of branding your company. The styleguide exists to keep your brand identity elements front and center at all times. As a result, there will be no room for confusion or deviation from your brand identity and message. This process ensures a good deal of the consistency we mentioned earlier.


Brand Experience


Once your strategy and identity elements are in place – we take a look at how your brand is being experienced by your customers. We will look at every single touchpoint between you and your customers, and you and your employees. These touchpoints include your website and mobile experience, content marketing, your sales approach and sales presentations. Other touchpoints might include social media marketing, PR, inbound and outbound marketing and email marketing. Equally as important is how your employees experience your brand. For example, these touchpoints are employee onboarding and training material. Obviously, letterhead, business cards and package design are also considered touchpoints. Certainly, each of these items heavily influences the marketplace perception of your company – aka, your brand.


Branding Your Company


Branding your company is an evolutionary process. By keeping a close eye on what and how your customers react to your brand through your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to determine what is working and what might benefit from change.


Your brand needs to be the focal point of each and every point of communication. Keeping your brand at the intersection of communication between you and your customers (and you and your employees) is the key ingredient to maintaining consistency – a critical component to successful customer experience.


We are a local design studio located in Arlington Heights, Illinois and we have some of the best branding professionals, copywriters, photographer, marketing gurus and designers in the business. Our seasoned professionals are adept at building unique and powerful brands.


If you value the power of a good brand, and are looking for help with building your brand, give us a call. We love working with local companies that value the power of branding and good marketing. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation on branding your company. Or – if you just want to run a few ideas or questions past us – by all means – give us a call. Either way – we are here to help.


Brand Process

Branding is how people perceive your company, how they feel about it and what they believe to be true. Check out our brand process to see how we help to influence that perception.

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